Bird songs

Good morning, afternoon, evening, night…whenever you find yourself in the span of time it takes for this rapidly spinning globe to make its orbit.

I was struck today by listening to birds happily chirping outside my window and it got me thinking…

Appreciating the little things in life is something that is often talked about, but not often practiced. I am absolutely guilty of this. To give some background on the day, I woke up promptly at approximately 6:00am. Now, this would be all well and good if I had somewhere I had to be at, say, 8:00am. Alas, I did not, and I had only managed to fall asleep at about 2:00am earlier that morning. (Oh, the joys of working emergency hours…). Try as I might to fall asleep again and gain a little bit more REM time, my brain was a-going with all sorts of thoughts and I decided to not fight it.

However, this unexpected early morning wake up left me feeling a bit perturbed with my body. Negative thoughts of getting the rest of my sleeping schedule thrown off by likely becoming sleepy mid-afternoon and succumbing to the temptation of a “quick” nap (really meaning that I would fall asleep for 2 to 3 hours) and missing out on the errands and goals I had set for myself on one of my few days off had me in a bit of a sour mood.

Then, as I was sitting quietly at that early hour, I heard it. A lovely tune chortling in through my window. And it struck me…how lucky am I to hear this song? To have the time to sit and appreciate all the notes and cadences. To have the capability of actually HEARING the dips and trills. To have the time to simply sit and listen. To be living in a place where I have access to birds and their songs and their surrounding nature.

I share this to send the message: be thankful for the little things. Take the time to be grateful for the small aspects of good in your life. If you can find joy in the everyday, Every Day becomes joyful.

PS – After doing a quick bit of research on common song birds found in Colorado Springs, I’m pretty sure it was a house finch that was serenading me. If you want to learn more, here’s a nifty website all about birds 🙂

Sippin’ Pretty

Well hello there!

It’s been a little while. Oh, you know how it goes. We all get “busy”. Well, luckily, my busy consisted of sipping some delicious wine and dining on some delicious food at an up-and-coming wine bar in Castle Rock, CO.


If you have the chance to visit Crush ( in Castle Rock, it is quite delectable. I was snacking on the Fig and Prosciutto flat bread. Oh. Let me tell you. It was embarrassing just how focused on eating this flat bread was. And, what I came to find out HOURS later, was a smudge of balsamic glaze resting on my cheek. Oh well. Totally worth it.

The wine was delicious too. And, just in case you’re the curious type…or drank one glass too many, they have handy reminders of what you’re drinking…


And, the owners are awesome people too! (According to their website), Nancie and James are both Colorado natives, and through a love of food, wine, and a little bit of good fortune, they made crush happen. James happened to be our bartender that night, and he was so excited and passionate about sharing his favorite wines and food pairings. He even let us sample a special vintage of some of the sweetest and most complex wines I’ve tried. It was delicious!

Anyways, here’s to Sippin’ Pretty and enjoying a few of the perks that come with being an adult 😉


Why do bad things happen to good people..

Nothing like a simple subject to get things started. But hey, I’m not one to do things simply or to back down from a challenge. So, let’s do this!

Why do bad things happen to good people?

It’s a thought that plagues a lot of us. I think of it plenty of times at work when a loving family comes in with their equally beloved pet, who has been well cared for and thought of throughout its life; and I have to tell them some tragic news and ultimately a life is lost that day.

It’s also happened, personally, to the best of us. Something tragic has happened in our lives. The examples that come to my mind all seem to relate to losing something–or someone–we love. A bad thing happening to a good person in my life sent me into a tearful spiral that still drags me down to this day.

The question so many people–myself included–ask is WHY? WHY does this bad thing have to happen to a good person. A person who cares for others; who puts the needs of others before their own; who strives for harmony and love in the world. WHY do they get handed this pain and suffering?

Some might say it’s The Will of a deity. A smiting force that has been building up for generations of bad behavior to be taken out on this singular individual. Some say it’s karma. The force of all of your negative energy coming back around to kick you down. And, some say it just is. There is no fancy explanation. No rhyme or reason. It just is what it is.

For me, I don’t what feels worse: to think that bad things that come my way are the result of an external force that may (or may not) have something to do with my own actions. Or, to think that there is no reason why. Bad things just happen to good people. I suppose it’s the control freak in me that wants to believe that I have SOMETHING to do with what happens to me, even if it’s a bad thing. But, what if it is just the energies of the universe working themselves out?

It may seem like a really metaphysical thing to think about “energies” impacting the ebb and flow of our lives…but that’s kind of what The Laws of Thermodynamics tell us. The universe is FULL of energy and that energy can never be destroyed or created; it can only change its form. And, ultimately, all energy moves toward entropy. That perfect moment where everything is in equilibrium but is also totally, tragically, beautifully disordered. What if bad things happening to good people is the universe getting a little bit closer to entropy? You’ve worked so hard to create a good and ordered environment where everyone and everything around you is cared for. Then, the flow and direction of energy changes and this tragic event comes along and blows everything apart. And it hurts. It hurts so much you can barely move; barely speak; barely breathe. All of the energy and order you had just dissipated into this nether-sphere of unattainable and non-useful energy. Entropy.

But, what if you could redirect that energy? Claim it and channel it in a way that suits you and your system? If grief and loss and sadness threaten to consume you, let it…in a way. See them. Acknowledged them. Embrace them. Hold those feelings tight to yourself and make them a part of who you are. Because those feeling carry power. And energy. And, rather than fighting against those feelings–where not only do they already drain what strength you have, but also fighting forces you to give up your last bits of remaining energy trying to keep them at bay–channel their energy into your system. And maybe, hopefully, you can convert energy that was tragic at its start to something messy and imperfect but nonetheless beautiful.


Oh! Hello there, you beautiful soul! Thank you for coming to take a look at what I hope to be an eclectic yet nonetheless intriguing and entertaining collection of anecdotes, philosophies, and sometimes just general mayhem.

This is my life that I decided to share. The intent is not to show off or to seek approval or to garner praise. It’s more…a celebration. And what’s a party without others to share it with!

For an introduction, let’s visit some highlights of experiences for the past year …


The view of the bay in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in January. Just an impromptu jaunt to warmer climes.
Happened upon a bald eagle during a simple stroll near Annapolis, MD
Celebrating the incredible union between Freddie and Marissa!
And there’s the lovely bride! Love these girls so much

Phew! It’s only up to April and I’ve already been to Mexico and to Texas, sharing some incredible experiences with some dearly-beloved companions. Not to mention experiencing the everyday magic of nature, right in your own backyard!

Now, on to Costa Rica to celebrate the life thus far of an incredible woman!

View of the jungle from our resort in Costa Rica!
Just hanging with some native wildlife


Enjoying the pacific ocean


Some more wild visitors
Muneco, my trusty steed, leading me down exciting paths, even if all he wants to do is eat grass…


Feeling like I’m on top of the world


Happy Birthday girl!


Okay, enough jet-setting across the globe…JUST KIDDING! The adventure never stops, and this time it took me to California. Not only was this a wonderful time to share the joys and amazement of nature with the two lovely people who brought me into this world, but also it was to celebrate my cousin Tom and his loving union with Kate. Wishing the best for both of them always!

Tranquility and majesty captured in the forests of California!


A celestial event, with the moon and three planets all dancing together
Hello San Francisco Bay!


Education is important too, right? Well, it’s lucky that I get to travel to awesome places like New Orleans to fill my brain with anything and everything Veterinary and Emergency Critical Care. And, I have the added benefit of bringing along some amazing friends too!

Enjoying the greenery New Orleans has to offer


I hope this explains itself…


I aspire to the level of “snooze” this Sun Bear has accomplished


Floating along the Bayou


Who knew that alligators fancy marshmallows?


Everywhere in New Orleans is haunted
This place is especially haunted
This place is FABULOUSLY haunted


Love these gals and our mutual thirst for adventure!
A reminder of where the practice of medicine came from


And then, the biggest adventure of the year was moving me and my entire life to Colorado. This was certainly a surreal experience, taking a step forward that had no certain ending. It’s incredible where life will take you sometimes, if you just listen to that little voice in the back of your head. Some call it intuition. Some call it Spirit. Some call it psychosis…but lets focus of the positive here. It was that voice that told me I needed something different from the stagnation that had become my way of life. And, hopefully, that voice will continue to lead me in a direction of joy, knowledge, challenge, hope, and peace.

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this view driving to work every day
Colorado sunset are kind of magical, huh?

Stay tuned for the next installment! Your guess is as good as mine about what’s going to happen and what you’re going to find here if you come back again. But, I hope you do, and I hope you’re not disappointed!