Colors (or, really, voices) of the Wind

Well this is a bit awkward. Writing a blog post about an ending before I have a chance to write about the beginning. But, so is the fickleness of WiFi. And of inspiration.

What a two weeks! It was incredible just how much I was able to be out and about in the African Bushveld. So incredible, in fact, that I’ve been fantasizing about moving to Hoedspruit and working as a wildlife veterinarian. Oh, the ideas we’re flying! I started googling veterinary clinics in Hoedspruit. I started searching our wildlife programs offered by the University of Pretoria Veterinary Faculty. I even excitedly told my driver as I was picked up from OR Tambo airport on the way to my stop-over in Pretoria before continuing home about my plans. And they had such strength and conviction, and he even gave me his blessing, saying “I believe you can do it! Welcome to South Africa!”

But, as I sit here in quiet contemplation aware from the allure of The Bush, something doesn’t exactly feel right. The last 9 months of my life ha e been about listening to that little voice in the back of my head. Following my gut. And, so far, I’d say it’s don’t a pretty damn good job of leading me places to where I feel happy and satisfied.

This isn’t that feeling, though.

So, I listen to my gut. Well, in all fairness, the thought process went more something like this:

Ok. My heart is an amazing machine, which is also capable of mind-blowing achievements. One of which is generating an electromagnetic field. This field can interact with the world around me in ways my brain can’t fathom. And, that’s what I need to listen to now. Tell me Mother (Nature), what do you want of me? What am I’m supposed to do? What are you trying to tell me?

And, just like that, the wind picked up. And I sat it quiet stillness for a moment. Just a moment. And it seemed the wind had something to say.

Not yet.

Not a hard and fast “No. This is wrong. This is not the path you’re meant for.” But rather, a message of “be patient and things will happen in a way that generates more peace and prosperity for all.”

So, it’s been wild South Africa. Literally and figuratively speaking. And I’m not finished yet. But, I’m ready to go home and continue on my journey forward. And, when the time is right, I’ll be back.

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