I made it! It’s been a full 24 hours since I landed in South Africa and I’m well rested and showered and ready to get this volunteer gig going!

The place I stayed upon arriving in Hoedspruit was/is really fantastic. The eKhaya Bush Villa has a really nice set up, pretty much all the amenities you need, and is pretty dang affordable!

When I arrived, I found myself wanting to just sit and listen. There really is something magical about the bush out here. It truly is wild and if you sit still and pay attention, you can feel that wild energy permeate your body, mind, and soul.

And there’s something incredibly restorative about letting that wild energy envelope you. I think too often, humans get so caught up in trying to CONTROL everything. (I am the first to raise my hand here. Control freak. Through and through). We create air conditioners to change the temperature around us. We develop bug sprays to keep the “creepy crawlies” from getting too close. And we vastly manipulate the landscape to make it easier for us to traverse. Now, I’m not saying we should do away with all of these inventions. But, I think there’s something so…peaceful…about just letting nature be what it is. And letting nature tell you where you belong in its sphere, rather than forcing your way into where you THINK you should fit. Sitting here, listening to the wind rattle through the leaves, the calls of various birds carried on the wind (and the odd man-made noise in there too), and also the stillness in between provides a sense of restoration that can’t be touched anyway else.

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