Wandering through London streets

Phew! 25,000 steps later, I got to check a few more sights off my list.

A lovely walk along the River Thames…

Perusing the facades of some classic British architecture…

And even stopping by for a royal jaunt past the palace and Kensington Gardens…

It’s fascinating, too, how seeing new sights gives you a different vision of the world. I always love the feeling I get when I travel to knew places of yearning to be enveloped among a people different from my own. To really observe the culture around you and make the best parts of it a part of you. I hope YOU get a chance to experience something like that. Get out there. Explore. Meet new people. Try new foods. Gain new experiences. I guarantee it will make you a better person, inside and out!

3 thoughts on “Wandering through London streets

    1. I really love London. There’s so much to do and see, people are friendly, and every time I’ve gone, the weather has behaved lol. It would be awesome to have a travel buddy!! I’ll keep ya posted about any other trips I have my sights set on.

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